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Commitments made honestly

Destination is all about how you experience the tour. That’s where the Experiential approach adds the value. Our decade of expertise with organizing countless Kerala Tour Packages provides an unparalleled service to our guests. Expect more than a traditional package tour itinerary concept. This “more” that makes us a special tour operator, which will guarantee an unparalleled and unique experiences. Few and most popular tour packages are..


Commitments made honestly

We have a large collection of verified booking options which includes everything from luxury Star Hotels to Resorts, Estate Bungalows, Tree Houses, Farm Houses, Service Apartments, Guest Houses and Home Stays.. etc

Discover the best options to suit your needs. We have Tie-ups and long term associations with vast number of properties across the state and there by our customers have the advantage of the best prices and premium services.


Celebrating Leadership in Experiential Tourism

An Accredited Niche Service Provider

Traditional versus Experiential

Unique Experience + Reasonable Prices = Value for Money

The difference brings out an unsurpassed quality at an unbeatable price. Our tour packages are crafted to make the best experiences to your time. Prices are lower than any other tour operator in the same spec, and we give you more for your money, without sacrificing the quality. On top of that, we offers the most affordable, comprehensive trips of their class and unlike other players, we include nearly everything for one low price, with no last-minute “extras” to boost up your cost.

How do we do it?

  • We buy directly and carefully manage our long-term vendor relationships.
  • Most importantly, we accept lower profit margin in order to pass the savings to our guests.
  • We appreciate the value of your time and committed ourselves to bring the best out of it to be an accountable travel partner.
  • We offer which can be delivered, No false commitments

We understand our customers well enough to anticipate their needs and empower our teams to deliver a high -level service. Engaging a positive customer service is into our culture that involves responding to any unhappy customers by doing whatever we could to turn that frown upside down.

Expertise, Convenience and Integrity:: Our business approach reflects our integrity. We treat you honestly and provide value based on an integrity and commitment. Our journeys are inspired by a reverence for the great outdoors and a tradition of neighborliness. And we treat you fair and square, with courteous, hassle-free service provided by our family of travel experts.

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Architects of refined Experiential Travel

When you travel with us, you’ll discover that the guided sightseeing is only a part of your holiday, which includes the most important attractions plus frequent behind the scene for ways revealing/ culture that gave rise to those iconic attractions in full immersion. We design and tailor each of our tours to engage all the senses to match your interests to exhilarate. We also provide immense information to help you truly experience regional life and culture by engaging local luminaries. It’s an opportunity to enrich and transform one’s perspective and at Zamorin, we feel privileged to nurture this spirit.

With an unrivaled depth of experience at fingertips, we are at the Art of Travel research and find out/ co-ordinate exclusive locations and travel experiences for our travelers. We built around an extremely talented team and a unique network of exceptional people around the expertise. We love the challenge of satisfying your particular interests and can arrange personalized itineraries.

We are extremely focused on delivering excellent experiences. Offering a far more personalized and enjoyable experience. Have developed the real connections to deliver an unparalleled experience based unique authentic travel.

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Experience the uncommon element- Zamorin’s signature of excellence

Since inception, we believe in delivering more than a package tour. Zamorin Holidays has been committed to producing the most innovative and ground-breaking tours in the market. Whether you are looking for serious adventure, or a more relaxing and unforgettable honeymoon, we have always strives to offer something different and memorable. In our Experiences portfolio we have put together the very best collection of original holidays, for specific audiences, and hope that this will help to inspire and guide you to find a trip that is perfect for you.

The good thing is that there are countless incredible things could see and experience in your vacation. We provide more included features than any other package tour operator in Kerala. There is more to expect than what you get in a sedentary package tour. This “more” that makes us a special holiday company which will guarantee, you have an unparalleled and unique experience.

Our trip planers are seasoned pros, each with years of expertise in designing and facilitating award winning trips. They work closely with other stakeholders to develop routes and activities that not only reveal the area’s natural splendour, but also lead to greater cultural understanding.

Share your interests – we could plan your dream tour to cherish lifelong memories

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Exploring the Undiscovered- Hidden gems of the nature

When you’re going on a vacation, what do you do when you’re there? We are becoming an answer engine for travelers as we understand the value of your time and committed ourselves to bring the best out of it.

Go Beyond the usual tourist trails and experience more secret/ exclusive destination and activities. By our local expertise, we have created a structured delivery system to ensure that the strings are aligned. We provide variety of holidays were the experience will be tailored to match your interests.

We have developed a structured delivery system to ensure a premium level of travel care, Backed with an Immersive loads of data which covers A-Z information’s for personalization. We are proud to say that ‘Exclusivity’ has become our premier tag as travel is a very special service oriented business.

With insider recommendations, Personalized support service is always an added value to your travel planning’s, comprehensive offerings and much more.. Speak with a live person..

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Authentic Support for an authentic guest

Between the rising costs and the decline of the money value, it can be hard to save up to treat yourself and the family to a well-deserved break. However, Holidaying doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor while planning your tours with Zamorin. Over 95% of our guests are repeat travelers. In order to give a helping hand, we have developed a list of action plans to cut down the costs without sacrificing on comfort or quality for our family of guests and new travelers.

Not only will you enjoy significant savings, you’ll also avoid price hikes at your holiday destination and will benefit from plenty of ways. You’ll be surprised by the difference to your budget while planning with Zamorin Holidays.

Few from the list- Guaranteed Savings, Travel Credits, Travel Protection Plan, EMI Option, Cash Rewards, bonus Offers and much more..

Login/Register to avail the benefits.

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Precondition to freedom is security

Our single Women and honeymoon travel statistics indicates a significant growth as we provides an executive travel security program without compromising the privacy, that delivers the highest level of care for our travelers, whenever and where ever they travel. Our Local expertise and security and protection machinery plays significant role here.

When there’s a negative impact from any geopolitical situation/curfews, we maintain a safe environment for travelers. No matter where you travel, your safety, health and security is our first and foremost concern. Follow our practical advice to make sure your trip goes according to the plan. We provide up-to-date information through tour manager and point of contacts.

Accommodating special needs and crisis management

We have a dedicated Emergency response team support when it comes to combating travelers fear and concerns amid all uncertainty. We offer a greater sense of security for our guests. You’ll stay on our eyes while going Off the Beaten Path.

Our Local knowledge and outreach enable us to maximize your protection. Our escorts
coordinate with local law enforcement and in house Emergency response team on ground
level so that you can travel securely with peace of mind. We always design your travel arrangements to accommodate any special needs that you may have.

Local expertise provides significant benefits.

  • Indigenous employees (Locals) know the language, custom, regulations, and lay of
    the land.
  • Concierge Services: Our team guides where to stay, where to eat, and where to
    spend time (Safely and securely)
  • Ongoing quality checks for Destination/ Activity menus and accommodations.
  • Faster response and appropriate reaction to a challenge or threat.
  • Intimate knowledge of the local “hot spots” and which areas to avoid and why.
  • Availability of up-to-the-minute “real time” Crisis Management support.
  • 24*7 On-tour support to accommodate any special needs.

Holidaying is not something we’re good at. It’s something like breathing for us.

Zamorin Holidays develops travel encounters that reveal truths about the places you visit, by creating meaningful connections to the destination and activities. We provide hand-picked holidays ranging from half a day experiences to long stays. Ensuring the trips are beneficial to the travelers and the local communities. We bring out its original flavors and practices. We believe that travelling this way brings us closer to a lifelong relationship.

Personal Touch is an integral part of our entire operation. It means, having a dedicated support team by your side every step of the way. You will experience its added value through:

  • Dedicated service of a Tour Manager for single POC
  • A full-service team that knows your requirements to serve better
  • A structured delivery mechanism to professionally manage the tour plan
  • 24*7 On-tour support to accommodate any special needs
  • Quality without compromising comfort, Privacy and security

We perform an ongoing quality check with our accommodations, Destination menus, Itineraries, travel routes- all to ensure the Standards,  are being met every step of your way. We listen carefully to what you tell us. Through your helpful feedback and creative suggestions, we keep improvising one trip after another. Principally, 95% of our travelers prefer to choose us again by our commitment to excellence.


Celebrating Leadership in Experiential Tourism

Zamorin Holidays rejoices the expertise in Kerala’s Experiential Travel service space. We cater to serve the tourists across the globe and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by quality service. Over 90% of our Guests are Referrals and repeat travelers and we have a systematic support programs to ensure, Guaranteed Savings, Travel Credits, Travel Protection Plans, EMI options, Cash Rewards, Bonus Offers..etc. For our valued guests.