Affordable prices get even better with these Simple Strategies

Kerala Tour Package Offers

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Best Buy Discount* – Reserve early, lock in your low cost

The earlier you reserve and pay in full, the more you’ll save. Earn up to 5% off your tour Package Offers for Kerala by pay in full within two weeks of booking. Best Buy Discount provides you with an extra guarantee by locking in the cost of your vacation once you have paid in full. You will be fully protected against any increases in the land regardless of fuel costs, currency increases or other unexpected cost increases.

Earn Frequent Traveler Credits with every trip

Every time you travel with us, you could earn up to 5% Frequent Traveler Credit good towards your next vacation. Your credit is valid for 3 years from the date of your first travel.

Make the most of your vacation with an optional extension trip plan

You have the opportunity to add to your itineraries with an affordable pre- or post-trip extensions. These are normally two to three extra nights in a nearby place of interest, with lodgings, breakfast, and transfers included. Our extensions are priced at values you couldn’t obtain on your own, and since your return transfers has already been included in the cost of your base tour, this is the ideal way to broaden your horizons—without breaking your wallet.

Refer Friends- Earn Travel Credits plus Cash Rewards

Give the Gift of travel by referring friends. When you refer friends to us, it is a win-win for you and your friends. You’ll receive a travel credit* towards your next vacation. And your referred friends will also receive a guaranteed discount under prime care plan plus, up to 5% Traveler Credit when returns from her or his first trip. You can also get multiple cash bonuses when you make additional referrals and you could even make your next trip for free of cost or save significant. Click Here to Refer A Friend

Group Tour Plan -Generous -Travel FREE plus Cash bonus Offer

  • Very Good- BRING 9 people along with you, and you’ll get 50% off your trip cost.
  • Even Better- BRING 16 people along with you, and your trip is absolutely FREE.
  • The Best- BRING 18 people along with you, and you receive FREE TRIP + Cash bonus Plus, exclusive privilege care for your group.

For more information on our Group Travel Program or to lock-in a specific trip date, call our Groups Tour Manager or Request a Call

Link 2 or more vacations for even greater savings

Year after year, more travelers are finding that they can increase their value by reserving two vacations in succession. Your Tour Consultant can help you if the vacations and departure dates you have in mind can be linked

Share the Good Deeds on Social Media

When you “Recommend” our Facebook Page, or write Review on Google Page, will get an assured discount as bonus or Travel Credit.

Last Minute Special deals

Are you traveling within a few weeks? Contact on our Tour Consultant for Last Minute Special deals

*Best Buy Discount is available to all travelers who reserve a vacation and pay in full within 14 days of booking. The discount calculation is based on the cost of your trip minus any Additional Air Costs and Upgrades, Travel Protection cost, Frequent Traveler Credits, and any other travel discounts applied to your reservation.