Experience, Quality (accredited tour) and value for money is the Consistent base of our services as a tour operator

Zamorin Holidays founded and registered in 2013 in Kerala and committed to excel the expertise service in Kerala’s Experiential Travel Tourism space. The company has a diversified portfolio’s of services not limited to outbound, inbound guided Kerala tour packages, and followed with Cochin Cruise shore excursions.

We cater to serve the tourists across the globe and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by Quality services. Over 95% of our Guests are repeat travelers and we have an organized support programs to ensure, Guaranteed Savings, Travel Credits, Travel Protections, EMI Options, Cash Rewards, bonus Offers and much more, For our valued guests.

Today, we have a wide tour delivery network across geographies to offer an unparalleled unique travel experience for everyone approaching us, irrespective of location and destinations. The company creates travel encounters by creating meaningful connections to the destination and activities. We provide Hand-picked Kerala holidays ranging from half a day experiences to long stays. We bring out its local flavors and practices. Personal Touch is an integral part of our entire operations. It means, having a dedicated support team by your side on every step of the trip plan. You will experience its added value through:

• Dedicated service of a Tour Manager for Single POC
• A full-service team that knows your requirements to serve better
• A Structured delivery mechanism to Professionally manage the tour plan
24*7 On-tour support to accommodate any special needs
Quality without compromising comfort, Privacy and security

We continually fine-tune our routes and Itineraries, Quality check our accommodations, Destination menus, all to ensure that, Accreditation Standards are being met every step of your trip itinerary. We listen carefully to what you tell us. Through your helpful feedback and creative suggestions, we keep improvising one trip after another. Principally, our travelers prefer to choose us by our Commitment for excellence.

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To protect the environmental integrity and economic viability by promoting responsible (sustainable) tourism best practices. Enhance and Excel the quality of service for our tourist community by Setting a New Trend in experiencing the travel than a traditional package Tour Concept.

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To be an accountable and most efficient travel service company in the region that sets the standard for Professionalism and Reliability to its guests for engaging and promoting responsible tourism Best practices.

Why Choose Us

Rated 4.8/5 - Based on 2265 Reviews


Our Prices are lower / Competitive than any other Kerala tour operators with the same spec. We give more value for your money, without sacrificing the quality.

How do we do it?

  • We buy directly and carefully manage our long-term vendor relationships.
  • We accept lower profit margin in order to pass the savings to our guests.
  • We offer which can be delivered, No false commitments.


We are proud to say that ‘Exclusivity’ has become our premier tag.

  • We provide More included features than any other accredited tour operator in Kerala.
  • Supports with Premium travel Care for a hassle free holiday experience.
  • Go Beyond the usual tourist trails and experience more Secret/ Exclusive destinations and activities.


We provide exclusive support for an Authentic guest. Action plans to cut down the costs without sacrificing on comfort or quality. Enjoy significant savings, avoid price hikes and much more.

Few Offers from the list-
Guaranteed Savings, Traveler Credits, Travel Protection Plan, EMI Options, Cash Rewards, bonus Offers.. Etc.


Offering a far more personalized and enjoyable experience.

  • We deliver an unparalleled experience based on unique authentic travel.
  • We treat you Honestly and provide value based on integrity and commitment.
  • We emphasis a fair and square deal, with courteous, hassle-free service provided by our community experts.


Comfort, Convenience and Privacy.

  • We provide an executive Premium level travel care.
  • Dedicated Emergency response team for accommodating special needs and Crisis management.
  • 24X7 on call and Ground level support for your convenience.


  • Travel Documentation and Ticketing.
  • Transportation/ Vehicle Department.
  • Quality check for Holiday Programs.
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Solo Women Travel Care.
  • Cruise Shore Vacation Portfolio.
  • Sustainable Tourism Development.
  • Guest Relationship Management.

Connect with Us

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Approved Tour Operator – Kerala Tourism Services: Rated 4.8/5 (Based on 2265 Reviews)