Protecting your travel investment, your belongings and most importantly you for those unforeseen circumstances that may arise before or during your trip.

Note: This plan is only available to Indian citizens. International guests may opt a different protection plan according to the nature of their trip. Company act as an info service provider that will send you the most current and travel and health facts regarding your destination

Cancellation Penalty Waiver Limit: Cash Refund Up to Trip Cost (under the sole discretion of the company)

* The Travel Arrangement Protection under Part A is not an insurance benefits. It’s been provided by Zamorin Holidays and shall be under the sole discretion of the company

Trip Interruption (%150 of Trip Cost), Missed Connection, Travel Delay, Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Baggage & Personal Effects and Baggage Delay.. Etc

  • Family Travel Insurance
  • Multi Trip Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • You can receive an around-the-clock medical assistance on your phone across the country.
  • Avail recommendations and expert opinions from of medical practitioners, healthcare centers and hospitals across India.
  • Reimbursement of medical costs sustained during hospitalization wherever you are.
  • Emergency situations like evacuation, deportation and repatriation of mortal will be taken care of.
  • 24*7 help available in case of lost luggage.
  • If you need specific itineraries for different cities, highlighting the main tourist gems, that will be provided as well.
  • Insurance providers will not insist on any medical test to buy domestic travel insurance in India up to age 70.
  • Any Indian citizen journeying within the country can buy a Domestic Travel Insurance from any insurance company.
  • International travelers with passports of any other country other than India can avail a Domestic Travel Insurance if they submit proofs of work permits or are touring here.
  • The age of the insured person can vary from six months to 70 years. A minor, between age six months and five years shall be indemnified only along with their parent(s) or guardian.
    • Most domestic travel insurance policies in India offers the following covers with slight variations.
    • Accidental demise and PTD (24 hours)
    • Coverage for accidental hospitalization
    • Medical evacuation advantage in case of emergency
    • Deportation of remains benefit
    • Individual liability benefit
    • Accidental hospital money Benefit
    • Hotel accommodation rent if the trip is postponed due to delay in train/ plane arrival.
    • Loss of Ticket – Rail/Flight following accident
    • For transportation of family
    • Additional staff assistance in case of emergency (Only for business tours)
    • Ticket expenses if you miss the train or flight due to an accident
      • If the insurance holder is travelling against the advice of a doctor, travelling for medical treatment or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, suicide, self wreaked harm, STDs, mental or nervous disorder (such as stress, depression, anxiety etc.)
      • If you are a member of the Military or Armed Forces of any nation and has not specified that
      • Accidents caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      • Being a part of any attempted crime, civil commotion, misdemeanor, or riot
      • Working or learning to handle any aircraft, or carrying out duties as a crew member on any aircraft or Scheduled Airline
      • Participation in adventure and winter sports like skydiving, parachuting, skiing, mountaineering, hang gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, or races on any motorized automobile.
      • Activities like caving or pot-holing, hunting or horse-riding, surfing, underwater sports, canoeing and rafting.
      • Complications due to prolonged childbirth or pregnancy
      • All non medical expenses.
  • Domestic travel insurance claims are promptly settled amicably over the phone while there are many other concerns will need you to complete claim forms, producing applicable papers, witness accounts and so on. It all depends on the kind of claim and how well you present it. In short, keep it straightforward to get paid swiftly. Nowadays you can easily file for claims online by attaching the relevant documents.

    Air carriers are infamous for adjourning flights and occasionally even cancelling at the eleventh hour. This not only leads annoying inconvenience but will also be overpriced as you can miss connection flights and hotel accommodations, not to mention important travel needs. Not everyone can afford to buy another ticket at the last moment. Here, the insurance cover recompenses you for the interruptions. The only condition is that you must avail a certificate from the particular airline validating your claim or face claim denial.

    Information noted is described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all coverage’s and services. This advertisement does not constitute or form any part of the Plan Description or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits, limits and provisions may vary by Travel insurance type. To review full plan details online.

    This policy is underwritten by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited and the assistance services related to the insurances are provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

    All relationship shall be governed by the federal law of India/ laws of the State of Kerala. Any Grievances must be brought in the Courts located in Chalakudy, the State of Kerala