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We practice tourism as a tool for the development of the region and local communities, eradicating poverty and giving emphasis to women & child empowerment and protect nature are the main aims of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives. The initiatives aspire to provide an additional income and a better livelihood to marginalized people along with creating a social and environmental equilibrium.

As you experience the world with us, you’ll enjoy cultural exchanges with regional communities, and explore destination in the most Eco friendly-efficient way possible. You can feel confident we’re doing our best to preserve the Eco system.


New Travelers’ Fund- Every rupee counts!

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Travelers’ Fund, an initiative to help the local cultures, communities, and environment in the regions where you visit. The Company will make a substantial donation on behalf of every traveler to this fund, which supports designated ongoing projects ranging in size from the micro-local to regional. Every trip is aligned with a particular initiative. For eg. Every honey moon trip contributes to the Marriage Assistance Schemes.

Marriage Assistance Schemes

Parents from economically weaker sections are not able to cope with the burden of expenses towards the marriage of their daughters. In order to help such parents and to encourage them to educate their daughters till the right age, Marriage Assistance Schemes were introduced to help the daughters of poor parents, orphan girls, widow’s daughter’s marriage and inter-caste married couples.

Save the Children Initiative

Children are perhaps the most "voiceless" segment of the population and it is up to us to recognize their issues and work together to address them. We have aligned a group of travel endeavors to ensure an ongoing support to this initiative.

What We Do to Address Children’s Problems

We are one of the committed supporter of a most influential, organized, well- networked, resourceful and impactful NGO in the country. Save the Children has changed the lives of more than 1 crore Indian children since 2008. It is one of India’s biggest NGOs. More details online

Kerala Flood Relief

Heavy rains and the subsequent flooding in Kerala have wreaked havoc in several parts of the state. As houses have been completely waterlogged and destroyed, many have become homeless and taken refuge in relief camps. We had hosted collection points in Cochin to serve the most affected areas of Chalakudy and Athirapilly region. Now, the focus has been changed to uplift the lives by providing meaningful livelihood support. The company has partnered with Oxfam India (a registered Non-profit)
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Donate for a cause- How it works
  • Find the payment link on footer and enter the amount you wish to contribute
  • Please make the Minimum contribution as Rupees ₹500 (This can bring nutrition and medical help (often life-saving) to an unprivileged child for one month)
  • The payment will be made to respective schemes of your choice
  • Post payment, please Email /Whatsapp the below cause details to to get your tax benefit certificate under Section 80G for your contribution