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Satyajit review

Satyajit SarkarZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo googleicon July 08, 2019

The trip with Zamorin holidays was awesome and cool, Driving was excellent and safe, he takes care of the guest well and value them. We really enjoyed the trip to the fullest and we might plan for another soon. Thank you Mr. Ravi and Zamorin holidays.
Zamorin HoliDays:
Hi Satyajit- Thanks for your compliment. As a special thanks, we are upgrading your account to the Prime Care plan plus to ensure the special travel benefits for yourself and known referrals.

neha- Review

Neha SharmaZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo June 12, 2019

Cost efficient and helping nature of the agency is commendable. If you are planning for the first time, I strongly recommend this company. We traveled with our infant baby and they provided extra support for our comfort. It was not demanded and it comes as a surprise. Truly professional and people centric. We will come again for sure. Kerala is so magnificent.
Zamorin HoliDays:
Dear Madam- Thanks for the feedback. Happy to know your family enjoyed the time in Kerala.

jagadish- review

Jagadish KarZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo googleicon May 06, 2019

Will highly appreciate Mr. Ravi for all the arrangements in a short notice. Highly recommended from my end. Appreciate his frankness and concern for any minute concern asked. Just go ahead and book your memorable trip to God’s own country.
Zamorin HoliDays:
Hi Jagadish- Thanks for your compliments. we are happy to pass along your comments to the team. Glad to hear as your experiences with us have consistently been great!


Pritam NirmaleZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo googleicon April 04, 2019

My experience in Kerela. Travel vehicle for 8 days was so comfortable and punctual. Hotels booked at Munnar, kanykumari was awesome with view and service. People of this are very helpful 🙂
Will visit soon 🙂
Zamorin HoliDays:
Hi Pritam- Thanks for your compliments. Your account is aligned in Prime care plan to ensure the special travel benefits.


Akhtar AnsariZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo googleicon March 24, 2019

Pleasure to have my travel booked by Mr Ravi. It was very well managed. I would specially thank to the driver Mr Shakir who was with us for entire time during trip. He helped us in many ways, from finding proper food to finding doctor as my child got sick during trip. Thanks again to Mr Ravi for a wonderful trip experience. Would love to come again.
Zamorin HoliDays:
Dear Akhtar- We greatly value your trust and confidence. As a special thanks for your referral, we are upgrading your account to the Prime care plan plus to ensure guaranteed discount to your future travel endeavors.


Sushant KamalZamorin-Holidays-Facebook-logo googleicon March 09, 2019

I booked house boat it was lovely experience highly recommended. Mr Ravi is always in touch thruout the trip.
Zamorin HoliDays:
Dear Sushant- Thanks for your good deeds.

Ayush- Review

Ayush Kumargoogleicon October 17, 2018

We had a Kerala trip of 1 week last month and it was a wonderful experience. Mr Ravi of Zamorin Holidays has provided excellent service as a tour operator. We had a great experience enjoying a week trip to “The God’s Own Country”. Our earlier apprehensions of floods turned out to be false and we found that Kerala has recovered after floods and now totally safe for travel. Tourism has started again. The driver provided to us was very experienced and knowledgeable. Hotels were hand-picked and provided convenience of serene locations or proximity to the tourist places. Overall experience of the hotels was great thanks to the experience of our tour operator. Kerala is a wonderful place to visit. It is dotted with rivers, waterfalls, mountains, dams and of course sea and freshwater lakes. Not to forget the ubiquitous Coconut tree and the grand Elephant. It has magnificent temples also. To our pleasant surprise, we found some very rare artifacts on display in Museums in Trivandrum. A trip to Kerala : highly recommended. Zamorin Holidays : 5 Star Rating for Kerala Trips.
Zamorin Holidays:
Dear Ayush- Thanks for your good deeds. As a special thanks, we are upgrading your account to the Prime care plan plus to ensure a guaranteed discount to your future travel endeavors and referrals