Empowering People and Life

Non Profits need our help- As, equal access to growth and survival opportunities should avail for every section of our society. We see people around us who are undeserved, but not undeserving. Creating opportunities for them by providing basic services, relevant skills, and access to education can help transform their lives.

Every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and that’s why we are fiercely committed towards ensuring that children are not only survive, but thrive and reach their full potential. We run/supports programs in the deserved category, especially rural areas to provide quality education, healthcare, protection from harm and abuse. Also provides life-saving aid during emergencies to the little.

We work with Self Help Groups, exclusively for the underprivileged women in our rural community. The program provides an unsecured small loans to these women-led groups and helps them in starting or expanding their own initiatives. Through this program, the company aims to help them to earn sustainable livelihoods.

Apart from these, the company runs Marriage Assistance Schemes to help the Parents from an economically weaker sections, who are not able to cope with the burden of expenses towards the marriage of their daughters. In order to help such parents and to encourage them to educate their daughters till the right age, These Schemes were introduced.  Aim is to help the daughters of poor parents, orphan girls and widow’s daughter’s marriage

Our Forests are disappearing; we will have to protect the nature and plant trees to restore forests around the globe before its gets irreversible.  The increasing need for environmental conservation has become prominent in this decade. Since inception, we have focused to promote environmental welfare, and have targeted mass regions to plant trees. Now, our focus is been fine tuned. Tree plantation is only a small part of the process. We periodically check up to see how the trees are doing to increase the survival ratio.